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ServSafe Food Manager vs. Texas Certified Food Manager

Two Certifications Available

  1. National ServSafe® Food Manager Certification

  2. Texas Certified Food Manager (CFM)  (Online)

IMPORTANT:  Some national companies require and only accept the ServSafe® certification program which is the most widely used national program for food safety training and certification in the food service industry.

Make sure you take the correct Manager Certification Program.

Which Food Manager Certification do you need?

Do you know the difference between ServSafe Food Manager and Texas Certified Food Manager?

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National ServSafe® Food Manager Certification

  • In person one-day class including exam or proctored exam.
  • Higher passing rates through Thornhill Training’s classes.
  • Available in English and Spanish.
  • This accredited exam is accepted in all states. National exams do not allow online testing.  You can study on line but exam must be taken during a class or administered by a proctor.

Register For ServSafe® Now:

Private on-site classes with exam →

Public classes with exam →

Proctored exam  → (taken at end of class)

Texas Certified Food Manager (CFM)

  • Online study course and exam.
  • Available in English and Spanish.
  • After passing Certified Food Manager a certificate print your certificate which is valid in Texas.

Important:  Your local jurisdiction may require an additional certificate with registration and fee. Check with your local regulatory authority.

Register For CFM Now:

Online Certification →

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