City of Austin's Food Handler Compliance Guidelines - Thornhill Training

Thornhill Training
  • Permit applications will not be approved unless a list of current registered employees is attached.
    Note:  For clients that have on-site private classes by Thornhill Training provides food handlers certificates and automatic registration with the City.  As an additional benefit a list of food handlers and registration information is provided to assist companies with permit renewal.
  • 30 Days – Food Handler Training and Registration Requirement:  a person employed as a food handler shall register with the City of Austin not later than the 30th day after employment with a food enterprise.  Thornhill Training offers weekly English and Spanish classes.
    Note:  Thornhill Training’s certificate serves as proof to health inspectors that food handlers are already certified and registered.  This saves time and hassle since there is no trip to register at the Health Department. Thornhill training does this for you.
  • Food Handler Training is required for any employee that meets the following definition: A Food Establishment employee who works with unpackaged food, food equipment, food utensils or food-contact surfaces.  Examples include food prep, cook, dishwasher and wait staff.
  • Food Handlers must register every two years.  Certificates are non-transferable.
  • Health Inspection scores below 70:  Any Food Enterprise that scores below 70 or has their permit suspended is required to have all Food Handlers obtain training and become registered within 30 days of the inspection.

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